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"Their sound is unforgettable and unique. Each member is  at an insanely professional level, and really know their craft...They ARE the American Nightwish. Better watch out for them!" (Jayson Shell, Women of Metal)

"Well, melodic metal bands usually come from Scandinavian countries – well, we found a gem from sunny California." (Afrodite Szeleckzy)

"Levinia's (formerly Lavinium), symphonic metal sound may be one that’s familiar on first glance, but as the band’s first demo, it’s astonishingly well done and still manages to surprise. Each of the five songs here establish the band as understanding the underpinnings of the genre without moving them into cliched territory. The songs are incredibly catchy in tone, with energetic riffs that hold their own against Kourt Henson’s admittedly strong vocal presence." (Dead Rhetoric)

"...The usual argument against many bands of this style is that they rely too much on just the vocals. While Levinia has an exceptional vocalist in Henson (who throws around plenty of creativity in her performance), it’s also very evident that the entire band is just as important. There’s just as many impressive moments that come about due to groovy, headbanging riffs, blistering drums, or an atmospheric synth. Overall, Liberation is a thoroughly impressive EP that should find appeal with both the modern metal and symphonic crowds, especially those craving a little extra heaviness in their material. Levinia are onto something great here, best to catch them here at the ground level and watch them explode to the next level in the near future." (Katarina McGinn)

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